Jenny Finnell MSN, CRNA, with 6 years of clinical anesthesia experience in a variety of settings, from open heart, obstetrics, out-patient surgery with heavy peripheral nerve blocks, and now a level one trauma Children’s Hospital & Burn Center. Along with her clinical experience, Jenny has a passion for connecting with her students and meeting them where they are within their CRNA journey. Over the past year, Jenny has created a successful mentoring program, CRNA School Prep Academy. Which has successfully mentored hundreds of aspiring and now current nurse anesthesia residents. Also, Jenny has started an SRNA Scholarship Foundation called Pay It Forward CRNA, for which she hopes to provide scholarship opportunities for current students across the country. Jenny has delivered Keynote presentations for Nurse Anesthesia Residents through the California Association of Nurse Anesthetists as well as the University of Virginia Student Nurse Association. Jenny serves the anesthesia community by providing resources and opportunities for aspiring students as well as current nurse anesthesia residents.

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