October 23, 2021 2:28 pm - October 24, 2021 2:23 pm Hampton Inn & Suites - 171 River Place, Greenville, South Carolina 296011

During this 2-Day event, you will …….

Uncover strategies that will allow your CRNA application to standout above the competition

Learn relevant ICU drugs by program faculty & published author Peter Strube that you will be expected to know as you transition into the role of a SRNA

Are you worried about the personal challenges you will face in anesthesia school? We have you covered! Learn how to control and manage stress from CRNA, hypnotist and wellness coach Matt Zinder.

If you have not figured out that half the challenge of becoming a CRNA actually related back to mindset. Learn how having a growth mindset can help you continue to push forward so that you never feel stuck!

Do you fear how you will afford to pay for graduate school? Well
Have no fear! Financial consultant Natalie Kratzer will Share with you how to successfully navigate the challenges of paying for graduate school!

Ever wonder how you can better prepare yourself for the road ahead? Well, being aware of your one study habits and even unlocking other methods that you can put in your back pocket will prove to be a life saver during school.

Opportunity to network with Nurse Anesthesia Faculty,  Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists and fellow aspiring students!

Dive deep into the CRNA interview and get opportunities to participate or listen in on the types of questions you will be asked and how you should expect to answer them.

Looking to get some hands-on time with airway equipment and even an intubation dummy? You can not only experience an intubation manikin but snap a picture while your at it! We will have a self service hands on experience and photo station full of props to make this memory last forever! documenting your journey will allow you to visualize and anticipate your future successes! Let’s Start Your Success Story Here at CRNA SCHOOL PREP ACADEMY’s FALL CONFERENCE 2021!!


0.75 CE Credits (pending approval)

This activity has been submitted to the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses for approval to award contact hours. The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses is accredited as an approver of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.


Event Agenda:

Daily breakfast will be provided as well as heavy appetizers for our 2 hour Mix & Mingle session at the end of our conference day on Saturday. Cash bar will be available. 


Saturday 10/23/2021:

Registration and breakfast open 6:30am-8:00am
Collect your door prize!

08:30- 09:30: Transitioning from ICU to Anesthesia Pharmacology by Peter Strube DNAP, CRNA

Description: Having advanced knowledge about ICU pharmacology plays an integral part in a successful transition into the role of a nurse anesthesia resident. Candidates are expected to have a deep understanding of pharmacology before ever stepping foot into an operating room. Dr. Peter Stube’s lecture on Transitioning from ICU to Anesthesia Pharmacology will expand the RN’s existing knowledge on common ICU and anesthesia drugs down to the molecular level.

09:30- 10:30: Successfully Manage Stress as a Nurse Anesthesia Resident by Matthew Zinder MS, CRNA

Description: Stress management is critical as a nurse anesthesia resident. During the rigorous 36-month program students will be tested time and time again. Going into school knowing how to best handle and cope with stress can play a pivotal role in a successful completion. Matthew Zinder, CRNA teacher of wellness and stress management techniques, is well aware of the stressors nurse anesthesia residents face daily. In his lecture, he will provide guidance on how students can best enter their programs well equipped to handle their stress load and improve their ability to manage their well-being.

Listen to a guided relaxation session with Matt

11:00- 12:00: How To Study In Anesthesia School by Jenny Finnell MSN, CRNA

Description: Many strong students enter graduate school worried if they are truly ready for the rigors of the nurse anesthesia curriculum. Some may be aware that they do not have the best study habits despite getting good grades in their undergraduate career, while others think they are ready but maybe be blindsided once they start school. Through her struggles, Jenny Finnell, CRNA has learned that studying successfully comes in all different shapes and sizes. She will share various study techniques that will not only alleviate anxiety but open new avenues and challenge these future nurse anesthesia residents to try new techniques. Jenny will also share valuable resources for them to utilize and how to learn information so that they can establish an inter-connected knowledge network versus simply memorizing.

Lunch 12-13:30

13:30- 14:30: Program Directors Session

Description: It is true, all schools can be a little different. In this session, candidates can hear from different program faculty and possibly understand some variations that do exist within the space.

14:30- 15:30: How To Pay For Graduate School by Natalie A. Kratzer, CLTC, CLF, FIC

Description: The financial burden of paying for graduate school is heavy. This compounds for students who are faced with the burden of providing for their family or even risking enjoying retirement. It is so crucial that students enter school with a good plan in place as well as the knowledge that will allow them to come out on top financially. Yes, CRNA’s are high earners but with poor financial planning, some may incur more debt than necessary or after graduation lack understanding on how to get their finances in order. Financial Consultant Natalie Kratzer, has an extensive background in working with nurse anesthesia students as well as CRNA’s. She is well aware of the challenges they face both during and after school. Her lecture will provide clarity on key components of paying for graduate school so that students can set themselves up for financial success.

15:30-16:30: SRNA Question and Answer

Description: The best insight into what it is like to be a nurse anesthesia resident comes from students who are active in the motions. This SRNA Q&A panel is designed to allow aspiring and soon-to-be students to ask questions which will also them to gain clarity of the process, alleviate fears and help set expectations.

17:00- 19:00: Mix & Mingle Networking Opportunity {Appetizers and Cash Bar}


Sunday 10/24/2021:

0700-0800: Registration & Breakfast Open

0800-0900: Why Having A Growth Mindset Can Set You Up For Success by Jennifer Finnell MSN, CRNA

Description: The excitement of getting into anesthesia school and having your dream job can often drown out level-headed expectations and mind-set. Everyone knows entering anesthesia school is hard and challenging. Yet, have they taken the time to identify their mindset. Often the period leading up to starting the program is full of anxiety and self-doubt. This is from preconceived notions gathered from the experiences of others. Having a growth mindset will allow a student to enter the program with confidence and realistic expectations. It first starts with self-identification followed by embracing their own limiting beliefs. In this lecture Jenny Finnell, CRNA will walk through how to achieve a growth mindset so that these nurse anesthesia residents experience less burnout and have an easier time navigating the road ahead.

0900-1000: Demystifying the CRNA Application Process by Richard Wilson MNA, CRNA

Description: Applying to anesthesia school is intimidating. Most go into this process with very little insight into how these programs are scoring and evaluating their application. This can turn into failed attempts leading to discouragement. Experienced Nurse Anesthesia Program Faculty Member Richard Wilson, CRNA, has over 10 years of admissions experience. Nurses will hear firsthand how to make their application more competitive. Richard can provide candid insight into how candidates can apply with their best foot forward so that they get their ticket to interview.

10:15-11:15: Navigating the CRNA Interview by Richard Wilson MNA, CRNA

Description: The application is only part one. Perhaps the bigger hurdle is not the application but the interview. The interview can set up even the best candidate for rejection. Gaining acceptance comes down to a 10-30 minute window for most. Richard Wilson, CRNA, and program faculty has hundreds of interviews behind him. With that comes many years of accumulated insight into how candidates can set themselves up for success in the hot seat.

11:15-12:15: Group Mock Interview Session

Description: Practice, practice, and practice some more. That is how you improve. No one wins the Olympic medal without years of dedication and practice. Finding success in a CRNA interview may not come naturally for most. However, candidates who practice and prepare tend to outperform their peers. This session is designed to give an insider look at what these nurses can expect to experience during their interview and possibly learn what mistakes to avoid.

1230: Conference Ends

Raffle prize winners will be announced

We will hold a special opportunity for 20 students to win a group lunch post conference from 1:30pm-2:30pm with Richard Wilson CRNA and Jenny Finnell CRNA. Lunch will be provided. Details on how to register to win will be announced in August 2021.

Ticket Sales Will Start Middle of April 2021 for CRNA School Prep Academy Students. General admission sales will start End of April/Early May. Space is limited.


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